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  • Eco-Friendly Technology 
    Eco-Friendly technology makes these systems smarter in how they use energy and minimize their impact on the environment. Plus there are many advanced features that automatically detect room temperature differences and adjust for greater comfort.

  • Dual-Plus Allergen Filtration
    Mirage’s advanced multi-stage filtration systems dramatically reduce allergens and help eliminate odors.

  • Whisper Quiet Operation
    Our indoor units operate with sound levels starting as low as 19dB(A). A human whisper is louder than our Splits

  • Revolutionizing Heat Pump
    Say goodbye to the older, inefficient heat pumps. With MIRAGE’s HVAC systems there is no cold air delivery. Larger coils heat faster, and the system doesn’t activate the fan until the desired temperature is reached so it never blows cold air. This improvement gives these models true year-round comfort from a single system. Even with this amazing cold weather performance, there are no energy consuming electric heating elements to increase your utility bills.

  • Easy Installation & Simple Service
    MIRAGE’s units are easy to install with little or no ductwork. They’re also designed for easy servicing. Although, with our industry-leading reliability record, you won’t have to worry much about that. Better yet, we’ve extended our warranties to five years on compressors and parts.


  • Intelligent Control and Digital LED Display
    With our integrated INTELLIGENT CONTROL system you can choose from a variety of functions and settings. The digital LED information display center of the indoor unit provides real-time information relative to the operation of the unit and the environment. It is also equipped with self-diagnostic microprocessor sensor.

  • Multifunction Wireless Remote Control
    With one fully functional infrared wireless remote control, you can control a variety of different functions and settings. And, yes, batteries are included.

  • Sleep Mode Operation
    With the touch of a button, your MIRAGE air conditioner is set to automatically adjust the room temperature during your sleep.

  • Three Dimensional Swinging Pattern Air Delivery Technology
    Multidimensional wind-outlet and the dual swinging louvers will uniformly spread the cool/hot air to reach every corner of the room.

  • Superior Inner-Grooved Copper Tubing
    Enables a much faster refrigerant flow, increasing the heat exchange efficiency by 30-50% over the traditional smooth copper tubing.

  • SLIT FIN Hydrophilic Film Aluminum Foil
    Slit Fin Technology consists of a blue colored hydrophilic aluminum foil indoor unit, keeping the unit free of water contamination and enhancing heat exchange efficiency.

our clients love our units because they're


The great value extends beyond the low purchase price of these units.  You will be pleasantly surprised by how inexpensive they are to operate. 


Both the indoor and outdoor units operate so quietly you may not be aware they are running.  You will just be aware that you are comfortable.

Remote Control

Included remote control with features like Quiet Mode, Turbo Mode, Sleep Mode, Timer and much more.


Lower your utility bills with inverter technology, by using less electricity and no fossil fuels to accomplish your heating and cooling needs. This is intelligent equipment for a sustainable future.


Because there is no ductwork, this is a solution for all kinds of hard-to-fit applications.  Any room or space can be transformed into a place for you and others to enjoy for years to come.

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